Wednesday, June 29, 2011


entry untuk si montel saya..

Salam dan selamat sejahtera. 

To my dearest niece. 

I love you girl.

The sweetest way you are. 

you step a year to growth well. 
and i wish everything going smooth for your year.
then, u have to well manner, study hard.
and make sure goals all your excellent studies remain perpetuate for all the year!

Angah and adik try our best to be your nearest models.
Not in ours bad manner. HAHAHA.
but, in our all steps to get the best! 

Then u sweet lady, im proud of your growth.
im proud to have you as my sweetest first baby.
be brace by ur future, then u can grab everything infront of urs.

last my sweet lady ! let us celebrate you today.!

-this mak su, very love you. Nur Fathiyatul Aishah.
Be my best !

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