Wednesday, April 18, 2012



Sometimes, life is not like what expect. Never been like what we plan. Either its good to us, nor bad only Allah know.

Its been almost one month i tried to built my new life without any other my close keen company me around. a lot of stiffness i ran through to lead mylife more better and more matured.

the one i keep stick in, if you were far away from your famly. Just pretend everything is good. And believe that everything we want do hanging to Allah help.

And i do believe too, for what any reason don't do bad to others. Because Karma is always happen. Allah will be our honourable judger in all our action.  Bad things will repay with bad things. And all the thingy lead us to make it as experience to face the next days. Don't worry what goes around, will always come around. 

Insha Allah, everything happen with Allah will. 

your rezeki is your path. Allah send someone to show where does the rezeki belong to you. But remember, your acquisation from the Giver, who is Allah. Not the sender Allah send to you to open hole where there rezeki places. 

Alhamdulillah Ya Allah. 

I miss bonda, much. 

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