Friday, August 7, 2009

salam to's been a while since i last update my blog...sorry for the inconvenience. Here i wish to put some of my latest events and news that i had gone through it since the past few days ago.But then i should say sorry again because it was not the post relate by food as usual i add over it..stay tuned and continue reading ok..(:

Monday: i bumped twices at the same places. that's new i lesson i should adopt in my path of forced by anybody, but the way we choose it freely. to be downwads, just slide over it, but we have to make effort to go what i mean huh?yes absolutely!i feel tired with my subject.born to be unlucky, (not to be genius). Surely i will make it worthy as every drop of my sweating fall.

-me . -
Tuesday: Still moving around. being like hanger. like aisle in drain. same day same way. kick you!
-crush. -
Wednesday: Hah! Full with suck day. Stolen. A beggar of my slipper. Do somebody can help me? Kick n ki** this person. Her name? should be highlight or make it bluur only? I dont have any idea. Dim..:( Sorrow..:( Horrow..?? T_T.
-Stolen n Beggar. -
Thursday: Finaly! the day come true. Meet them. My counselor of the life. uncover to overcome. Act, the week just like isolated in my life. Dont know what happen act in my diary. So shut up. n be quiet.
-Recovered. -
Friday: Hopefuly, colour of rainbow will paint again my day. ;0

-wait till matured. -

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