Sunday, August 2, 2009

::xenorox rexonox::

Ok, jom bwt post baru...(^-,)

I would like to share something extra vaganza to y'all yg suka mncrk mkn like my fam nih..hehehe..firstly, bg tgk gmba dulu dia!

lobster love butter

ikan bakar with lada

actualy both of this seafood was name in english+france..but unfortunately, i was missing the spelling n the pronouns..hehe..susah nk sebut laa~ xpe lah jnji mkn kan..ok the places was set in the centre of klebang citu i usual, dah name klebang msti la tmpt mkn tu soo nearest with beach kn..ala2 open sea view laa..

tp this places im not suggest to whom yg interested nk g dgn fam..bukan ape, foreigner sgt2 ramai di sini..buat parents yg agak2 old fashion better g tmpt lain example kat Umbai (Parameswara).believe my words, kat sini punya seafood pun two thumbs up! n blh bwt mouth watering fall too..another place, kat Fort/Port Supai nearest with Kuala Linggi. restoran terapung atas laut lagi..lalala~

ok, come to our main point..tmpt sini sangat best!untuk bwt reunion, hang out together, birthday party but for candle light dinner not so sure..takut candle xlight up sbb kne blow dgn laut cina selatan punya wind..hehehhe..

kat sini juga dapat tgk cruise2 yg lalu lalang..dan juga sunset bg yg pg petang..sambil ditiup angin sepoi2 bahasa..i have no idea to tell much..u go n feel it urself..heheh..
nnti teha post kn gmba tmpt tu ok...tgk la puas2..(^^,)

inilah tempatnya..nyaman kan~

so, selamat makan kpd semua~ im rushing by times..kalau ada umur akn ada lg lah jalan2 carik mkn ni..heheh..(^^,)

  • bersedia utk pick packing beg pack for going back to my home rumsis..sob sob sob..

salam 5 semanis iman...

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