Monday, November 5, 2012


Dear sweet lady,
I`m hoping u can read my mind.
and hoping u can understand my body language.
how i hate u very much the old days.

but  now, we meet again.
in a diffrent situation.
i hate to admit u be my greatest resentment.
don't forget dear, the thing when u mess up my mind.
my motivation, my spirit, and all those my strenghtnest.
u and ur big friend. don`t u remind the shit day?
don`t u?

yes ! i`m sick to make the grudge laid perpetuate for all the seconds time.
i can forgive the things u done.
with the sincere heart.
with the pure intention.
we`re muslims, it was not a brilliant idea to get suspens of our friendship.

now and forever. i just hope once i had forgave u.please stay away from me.
don`t talk to me. don`t smile at me.
because if u can get my way, all the things shit u do is a masquarade. and me too.

Sorry dear, u scratch a depth scar inside me.
don`t ask me why i can`t get along with u anymore.
forgive yes, forget no.


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